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Koyo Started Project Testing with Gas Supply from Sinopec




Koyo project of 400kta ammonia and 450kta urea in Dazhou obtained gas supply from Sinopec on Jan.16, 2010, and it has started project testing soon afterwards. This moment shall be listed in the historical highlights of the Group.

The company imported from the United States complete sets of second-hand equipments for the construction of a 400kta synthetic ammonia plant and a 450kta urea plant at Dazhou, Sichuan. The plants are superior to others in terms of equipment selection, process technology, and automation and the general technology level and production capabilities arrive at the leading position of the country.

The project takes advantages of less investment, fast construction, cost saving, and low energy consumption to be quite competitive in the country. After put into operation, the Group’s ammonia and urea production capabilities shall be doubled, and Koyo shall then become one of the largest-scale ammonia and urea manufacturers in China. The Project is expected to make great contributions to the Group’s revenues, as well as to the investors and shareholders in the future.

The gas-based project has achieved testing conditions in the second half of last year. As the gas has been supplied now, the raw materials are well guaranteed. The Group has made according arrangements in both the production materials and the marketing in advance in order to cope with the Project needs.

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